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Espace Cashless

Have your show ticket or chip bracelet on hand to register for Espace Cashless.

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What is an ‘Online Wallet’ (Espace Cashless)?

It is an online program that allows you to manage the amount of money available on your chip bracelet, before and during the event.

You can register for this service below. You must have your printed ticket in order to link your admission with your Cashless account. You will be able to register as soon as you have your chip bracelet.

What are the advantages?

Avoid long line-ups when topping up your bracelet.

You can see your transaction history

After the event, you will be able to get back any outstanding credit on your bracelet. However, reimbursement is only possible if you have registered online.

Do I have to register?

We strongly recommend it! Festivalgoers can add credit and top up their chip bracelet at any of the top-up points during the event. It is a good way to avoid long line-ups during the event. However, if there is any outstanding credit on your bracelet at the end of the event, only those registered for Espace Cashless will be reimbursed.

If you have any more questions regarding Espace Cashless, go to the following webpage: Frequently Asked Question